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The US Army is always seeking new technologies to enhance their capabilities on the battlefield. In their latest research effort, they have teamed up with FirePoint Innovation, a non-profit organization that helps government agencies and the private sector work together to develop new technologies. Specifically, the collaboration is focused on researching electric and hybrid vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL and Hybrid VTOL) technology that could potentially be used for a future Army-specific platform.

The research effort will involve a comprehensive landscape analysis of the current eVTOL and Hybrid VTOL industry. This includes engaging with communities of interest, such as industry experts, academia, and government agencies, to gain a better understanding of the state of the technology and its potential applications. The goal of this analysis is to identify areas where eVTOL and Hybrid VTOL technology could be leveraged to meet the Army's unique needs.

In addition to the landscape analysis, the research effort will also focus on understanding the impact of changes to standards and regulations on certification plans and means of compliance. As eVTOL and Hybrid VTOL technology continues to evolve, regulations and certification standards will need to adapt in order to ensure safety and reliability. The collaboration between FirePoint Innovation and the US Army aims to address these challenges and determine how changes to standards and regulations can be adapted into a military qualification document.

The potential benefits of eVTOL and Hybrid VTOL technology for the military are significant. These technologies offer the ability to transport troops and equipment quickly and efficiently in areas where traditional aircraft may not be able to operate, such as urban environments or rugged terrain. Additionally, eVTOL and Hybrid VTOL platforms can be more cost-effective and environmentally friendly than traditional aircraft, which could lead to significant cost savings for the military in the long run.